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To Italian Islands

by ferry

Well, let's begin.
Sergei Dovlatov wrote in short sentences. I don't know why.
I will do the same. Reason: English is not my language but that of the world.

The story starts here: one day I bought a suitcase with wheels ... and I start to travel and meet "worlds".

The idea is interesting by itself.

Previously I had traveled enough to feel that I have an adventurous soul.

Yes, I can always make a bag in 5 minutes ... Memory is what I need. Sometimes, as required by the importance of the journey, I need the time required for management. Example: immunizations, visas, invitations ... A waste of time for those who want to leave immediately.
As is my case.

Some may wonder: What does a girl like you in a place like this?

One day, life took what I loved most. And when they asked me what profession I wanted, I never found an answer. I used to tell myself: I want to be a wanderer, I want to move all the places in this world.

But who cares?
There is no real economic benefit.
I thought it would be no one in this world.
And accept it. I am nobody but I'm happy.

I have met along the way small lights that have illuminated my life. Stars in the universe.
There are hearts that sigh when I get home. I like to know I can go back to a home known.

In the early months of 2010 I traveled a lot by train. And bike. In February, I had left my driver's license for motor vehicles. To me it was a complicated situation.

We must accept the penalties. And with that you can get something positive out of the conviction. I think so.

I knew what I wanted. All that remained was to find it. On March 23, finally bought the suitcase that I would go to see the world.
It was the beginning ... of a continuation.

In the shops of the season she was. Just as I had imagined. Green and black. And the wheels would make my luggage lighter.

I went home very happy with my purchase. Find what you're looking for is sometimes a miracle. We must persist in searching for what we imagine ... what we want.

Two days later I started to ride a ferry to Porto Torres in Sardinia. The cruise company announced an offer to travel in "armchair" for 20 € ticket.
Since a few weeks before I knew the possibility of traveling by sea with little money.

Sardinia and Sicily.

If you give me to choose a means of public transport, I'll tell you: boat

Naples and Pompeii. Messina Strait. Etna and Vesuvius. Taormina and Palermo. Catania Cefalù.

The journey begins when you load your luggage.

The ferry ride was at night. I could sleep on a comfortable sofa in the bar. That was the price I had paid. The most economical. Almost always do the same. This allows me to visit three places instead of one.

Here is my discovery: I could move from one place to another without following any rules of play. Bind a tour with another.

There are places I've been I have not had time to visit. The connection to another destination was my goal ...

The view from the boat is all blue. The waves ripple the look of my eyes. There is peace.

The two kilometers from the port from Porto Torres to the bus station I did walking.
There is a railway line that is deprecated.
The bus reaches Sassari. There needs to be changed to go to Cagliari to take the ferry to Palermo. Sardinia bus crossing without seeing a single beach. What a pity!

Second night on board. What surprised me most of the trip was an elderly couple sleeping on the floor of the room "poltronas" in his inflatable mattress.

Me and an obese woman we tried to sleep in the uncomfortable seats. In the end I put my coat on the floor and slept in a corner near the luggage. When I awoke the obese woman was squirming in his seat. I went to take my coffee with milk. I went on deck to savor and smoke my first cigarette. In the distance began to appear the Sicilian coast. Cape San Vito began to be distinguished clearly. The first light of dawn crashed against the cliffs and the sea returned navy blue.

Palermo's port is at the heart of the city. So after two days and two nights non-stop traveling I decided to stretch our legs and walk the streets of the city following my basic instinct as the Lonely Planet guide me on loan taken from the public library in Barcelona.

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Mauricio Wiesenthal

el viejo León (Tolstoi)

It must be organized and travel, studying languages ​​and cultures and visiting teachers, as did the ancient pilgrims. A friend of Rilke and Lou reminds us that, for six weeks, this couple stayed at home and were so devoted to the study of Russian world that did not do other things that prepare for this trip "as students must make a terrible review" . Unfortunately, now everything has been filled with tourists who do nothing to stop the dust from their feet and bustle confounding their presence in places where they do not understand nothing and learn nothing.

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Albert Einstein

my Friend

To many, Albert Einstein is an iconic figure.
Scientist. Scientist. Humanist. Humanista.

But he also had the spirit of the traveler, evident in his essay “The World As I See It.”

On being a lone traveler: Al ser un viajero solitario:

My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities.
I am truly a 'lone traveler' and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties, I have never lost a sense of distance and a need for solitude…

On the pursuit of happiness: En la búsqueda de la felicidad:

I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves — this critical basis I call the ideal of a pigsty.
The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.

Without the sense of kinship with men of like mind, without the occupation with the objective world, the eternally unattainable in the field of art and scientific endeavors, life would have seemed empty to me.
The trite objects of human efforts — possessions, outward success, luxury — have always seemed to me contemptible.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.
Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.

And finally, on how to be a good person: Y, por último, sobre cómo ser una buena persona:

It is the duty of every man of good will to strive steadfastly in his own little world to make this teaching of pure humanity a living force, so far as he can.
If he makes an honest attempt in this direction without being crushed and trampled under foot by his contemporaries, he may consider himself and the community to which he belongs lucky.


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Meditaciones de Descartes

Think about it...

Pues aun cuando no siento un excesivo amor por la gloria y hasta me atrevo a decir que la odio, en cuanto que la juzgo contraria a la quietud, que es lo que más aprecio, sin embargo, tampoco he hecho nunca nada por ocultar mis actos, como si fueran crímenes, ni he tomado muchas precauciones para permanecer desconocido, no sólo porque creyera de ese modo dañarme a mí mismo, sino también porque ello habría provocado en mí cierta especie de inquietud, que hubiera venido a perturbar la perfecta tranquilidad de espíritu que busco.

Esta declaración que aquí hago bien sé que no ha de servir a hacerme considerable en el mundo; mas no tengo ninguna gana de serlo y siempre me consideré más obligado con los que me hagan la merced de ayudarme a gozar de mis ocios, sin tropiezos, que con lo que me ofrezcan los más honrosos empleos del mundo.

Es casi lo mismo conversar con gentes de otros siglos que viajar. Bueno es saber algo de las costumbres de otros pueblos para juzgar las del propio con mejor acierto, y no creer que todo lo que sea contrario a nuestras modas es ridículo y opuesto a la razón, como suelen hacer los que no han visto nada. Pero el que emplea demasiado tiempo en viajar acaba por tornarse extranjero en su propio país.

Más habiendo aprendido en el colegio que no se puede imaginar nada, por extraño que sea, que no haya sido dicho por alguno de los filósofos, y habiendo visto luego, en mis viajes, que no todos los que piensan de modo contrario al nuestro son por ello bárbaros y salvajes, sino que muchos hacen tanto o más uso que nosotros de la razón; y habiendo considerado que un mismo hombre, con su mismo ingenio, si se ha criado entre franceses o alemanes, llega a ser muy diferente de lo que sería si hubiese vivido entre chinos o caníbales.

No podía yo elegir a una persona cuyas opiniones me parecieran preferibles a las de las demás, y me vi como obligado a emprender por mi mismo la tarea de conducirme.

Y esto solo me parecía bastante para apartarme en lo porvenir de desear algo sin conseguirlo y tenerme así contento; pues como nuestra voluntad no se determina naturalmente a desear sino las cosas que nuestro entendimiento le representa en cierto modo como posibles, es claro que si todos los bienes que están fuera de nosotros los consideramos igualmente inasequibles a nuestro poder, no sentiremos pena alguna por carecer de los que parecen debidos a nuestro nacimiento, cuando nos veamos privados de ellos sin culpa nuestra.

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